Accident analysis and reporting software

Accident analysis and reporting software

STB is a platform where the accidents that took place on road traffic can be taken into the records.

  • STB takes the entire scenario of the accident that happens from quality of roads to their geographical sophistication and construction of cross roads.
  • Accident analysis and reporting software has got the enitre Form as per the MORTH guidelines which is been filled by the ground level officer and collective information if the same generates a state level report.
  • The Software is also less with form Number 54 and The Post- Accident analysis form by RTO which is filled by the police officer and is utilized on a certain level of analysis.
  • Also it takes drivers and vehicles details in order to analyse the data to prevent accidents in future.
  • This product has a vast work of scope and can make an effect on the accidental death graph in a robustly positive manner.
  • With the help of photographs of road to geotagging of that area it create a huge database to analyse and give results.
  • This is STB an boon to flatten the graph of accidental death.

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