Covid- Quarantine App

Covid- Quarantine App

This Application was developed during the pandemic of COVID-19 to maintain harmony and keep an eagle eye on the Quarantined Person.

  • The application was to register the quarantined citizens of the area and the end user application was an attendance making app for the quarantined people.
  • This application proved a success as the photographic and geo- tagged attendance was taking place every two hours through out the day and the reporting was done if there is a violation of the geo-fence.
  • The application kept quarantined people safe at home by providing them govt. help from their mobile application.
  • This is COVID-Quarantine Application also have features of contact tracing and home isolation
  • This application was adopted by Mehsana Collector Office, DDO Kheda ,Rajkot Police , Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Ahmedabad Police.

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