E-sankalan is a platform to deliver effective and efficient monitoring of Execution of warrants and processes.

  • This application establishes accountability over each and every stage of execution.
  • E-Sankalan is a software that traces the warrants, summons and notices issued location and updates the admin about the same.
  • It works as bridge between the court and the police.
  • The software holds its significance over the staff and the court as the allocation and tracing of the warrants and notices before the hearing date is much necessary.
  • The E-Sankalan is so handy application that the ground staff police officers and he entire police department can also utlize it in an effective manner.
  • E-Sankalan reduces the paperwork or clerical task in the police station and courts as the entier line of documentation is now digital.
  • The sorting and filtering of the warrants and notices that are to be alloted or addressed on the basis of priority is automised.

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